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Custom Playhouse Doors

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Weight: 60.00 LBS

A custom playhouse door can be all you need to put the last finishing touches on your child's dream playhouse. Fiberglass Doors are perfect to finish off your building. Fiberglass is unharmed by everyday wear and tear. This well constructed door will not rot, splinter, warp, dent, or delaminate like standard wood and steel doors. 


These doors are a primed product.  It is primed off white and you will want to paint the entire door.  You will need to use a paint that has an LRV value of 55 or higher, or you can use Sherwin-Williams Vinyl Safe Paint.  All warranties are void is not painted with the proper paint.


If you are interested in a some of the custom playhouse door we have provided please check out some of the photos. Your creativity is your only limit. Everything for pre-hung units to unique shapes, windows or no windows, fun trim designs or large/small doors. We can do it all. 


What info would I need to think of or provide? 

1.What size do you want your door? 
2.Would you like the playhouse door pre-hung? (hinges and jamb)
   •If yes, what is the rough opening for the pre-hung door?   
   •If yes, would you like the door to be a left or right hand door and does it open inwards or swing out? (ex: hinges on left handle on right swing out is a right handed out swing door.)
   •If yes, do you want a threshold? Also, what color hinges do you want? (black, bronze, silver, stainless)
   •If no,  do you want hinges installed at all? 
   •If yes, what color hinges do you want? (black, bronze, silver, stainless)

3.What door type to you want? (Standard Slab or Dutch Style)
4. Do you want a standard rectangle door or a door with a arched top? (not sure ask for examples)
5.Do you want a window in the door? (not sure ask for examples)
   •If yes, do you want a fixed window or opening window?
   •If yes, what size window?
6. Do you want any trim installed on the door? (like our barn style) If you are not sure please look at the photos attached to this listing. 
7. Do you want the knob hole drill ready for you to install a door knob?
8. Do you want a threshold? 

Please do note that all custom doors do take about 2 weeks to manufacture. If you have any questions or would like to see samples via photos please ask we are happy to share.


Full Length Stiles: Our full length stiles are made from Cellular PVC. These stiles provide complete waterproofing of the door's Polyurethane core.

Top & Bottom Rails: Top & Bottom Rails are made from Cellular PVC. Top & Bottom Rails prevent moister from seeping into the door. Bottom rails accommodate a range of door sweeps.

Reinforced Fiberglass Skins: These high-impact molded compressed skins will never splinter, dent, warp,rot, nor rust. These skins can be stained or painted with ease.

Polyurethane core: Having a Polyurethane core give more structure and support as well insulating the door. 

Tempered Glass Window: All of our doors that come with a window is made with tempered safety glass. This is done to follow building codes and to keep the child in your life safe.  

Dutch Door: Dutch doors are a two part door. Once it is hung you are able to control the top and bottom part independently or together.


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