24" x 24" Square Tempered Low E Double Pane Vinyl Window

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size: 25.50 W × 25.50 H × 3.50 L
Weight: 12.00 LBS
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Our New Line of Double Pane Vinyl Windows For Tiny Houses, Sheds, Playhouse, Homes, Garages

Tempered Glass Low-E

This Listing is for the 24" x 24" Transom With Grids

Constructed of energy efficient polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) which will not Warp, Peel or Corrode. No painting required !

1" Nail / Screw Flange
Maintenance Free
Double Pane thick 3.2mils TEMPERED glass

Back Part of Window that will fit into your opening will measure 24" x 24"
Your Rough Cut Needs 24-1/4" x 24-1/4"
Over all (end of flange to end of flange)  26" x 26"
Dept of Window 3"

The Low-E coating is Triple-Silver MSVD which offers High VTL with low reflectance.

U Value is 0.265 with a light transmttance of (VLT) of ~61%

Low-E glass minimizes the amount of harmful ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through glass causing materials to fade in you home, it will also reduce condensation on your windows. Low-E will plays an important role in reducing your heating & cooling cost.

Please note that the Low-E glass is not crystal clear, it will ave a slight tint, which is what gives the glass all the good qualities listed above.

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